Zamba Malbec 2008

by Mary Maynard
(Monument, CO. USA)

Zamba Malbec

Zamba Malbec

What possessed us to open wine?

We were alone in the house. Alone. All alone. There were no children and we couldn’t find the dog.

What possessed us to open THIS wine?
David said he was interested in this wine because of the woman in the red dress. He was pretty sure that it was about to come off. I saw no such possibility. But it is a Malbec, which variety of wine always makes David think he is more virile or is that viral? Anyway, it has a screw top and that makes it easy to open, so I don’t care about the dress.

What’s so great about it anyway?
David was sad he was not drinking it with food because it would be excellent with steak. He definitely wanted food to “break it up” and was of the opinion that whatever you eat with it, should be grilled. He said it was smoky and had a good finish.

I REALLY liked it, and I am usually only so-so about Malbec. It smelled and tasted smoke-y! and you know I like everything smoked, meat, cheese and wine. It was very good.

Fantasy this wine engendered:
People in their 80s still have rich and interesting sex lives… maybe only if they are from Argentina.

Conversation this wine engendered:
Why do men love gory movies? David is going back and forth between 2 war movies and in one a guy just had his head cut off.
Life is or is not worth living?
Is it possible that there are no coincidences?

Mary Maynard

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