Wine My Way

by Michael Douglas Bosc

Wine is a strange thing. To begin with, you either love it or hate it. This is not an uncommon attitude but one brought about the taste. There is the type of soil to be considered plus the position of the terraces and vines to give the best amount of sun. But it is the grape that rules, the grape and love and dedication to tradition that makes the difference; a blending of nature and man.

My upcoming book will be a wine book with a difference, not the Gilly Cooper or Oz Clarke style; just mine. I am no connoisseur but I do know the sort of wine I like and there is an abundance of it hereabouts.

The articles I write on the various Cellers are written with enjoyment, and a certain amount of excitement, as I am never sure what little gem I might find inside. My interest in the history, not just of the wines, but the villages and people themselves, makes me curious adding to my enjoyment of writing.

How the wines are made, the traditions and different methods each celler uses, makes it possible to detect the area the wine comes from. Then there is the taste a Celler’s Blender applies, making the wines slightly different from each other thus providing some hard decisions when buying.

As you may have already discovered, if you have read my articles, I do not use flowery expressions. What I am aiming for is a simple description of how things are done to arrive at these wines and bring to your notice Cellers who produce some excellent Catalan wines for your table.

Take the vines - they are as diverse as they can be. Here some are grown in straight rows of small bushy vines which can only be picked by hand, yielding around 5 kilos per vine. This may not sound like much but the wine produced from these vines is superb.

Next are the vines grown in long lines spaced wide enough apart to allow harvesting machines to go down the rows. These grapes are stripped from the vines and loaded into watertight (because there is a certain amount of juice created in this method) trailers then transported to the Cellers for processing.

Finally there are the Cellers themselves, some in the villages or small towns, others out in the countryside, in the mountains or in some cases in converted churches, all very different, all combining both modern and traditional way of production. Put these facts together and, I am reliably informed, you have the reason the wines are so good.

The idea for my book began to grow after a visit to Pinell de Braí. Now it is slowly but surely growing into a gentle wander through the wine region I am lucky enough to live in. So with the harvest approaching I am looking to be rather busy as here abouts daytime is not the only time they process the wine, here its a kind of magic. This then is wine my way!

By Michael Douglas Bosc (c) Michael Bosc
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