Wild Horse Cabernet 2006

by Mary Maynard
(Monument, CO. USA)

2006 Wild Horse Cabernet

2006 Wild Horse Cabernet

What Possessed Us To Drink Wine?

We were headed to a movie and sadly, they don’t serve wine at that theater, which by the way, is an oversight all you theater owners out there! There is a large mark up on wine, you could make a fortune! I’m sure the mark-up is not as high as the one you have imposed on your popcorn, but hey-missed revenue opportunity!! (step off soapbox)

What Possessed Us To Drink THIS Wine?

The movie was the inspiration! Secretariat! I purposely went to the liquor store looking for a
wine that featured a horse

and when you do this sometimes its works out and sometimes it’s a disaster. This time it was an excellent choice.

What’s So Great About It?

David thought it was somewhat “plummy.” (we make up our wine terms) He said he might have thought it was a Malbec if he didn’t know, and this is the ultimate praise for him! Jessica said it had a clean finish, was very smooth and she detected cherry. I thought it had just a little bit of smoke at the finish and I completely LOVED it. We WILL be drinking it again.

Fantasy This Wine Engendered:

We live in Virginia or Kentucky. Although right now we can’t keep a plant alive, we raise horses worth millions of dollars. We can communicate with the horses by looking them in the eye. We get to attend great events like Horse Race balls where we get to wear evening gowns and the Kentucky Derby where we get to wear ridiculous and yet at the same time, fabulous hats. We are drinking expensive wine at these events.

Conversation This Wine Engendered:

Yes, Jessica, this movie portrays real life events that happened before you were born.

Death to the Death Tax

Secretariat is just like Nick (Jessica’s beau)

Teenagers are so much fun that everyone should have one…or four.

By: Mary Maynard

Wild Horse Cabernet 2006

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