Toasted Head Cabernet

by Mary Maynard
(Monument, CO)

Toasted Head Cabernet

Toasted Head Cabernet

What Possessed Us To Open Wine?

I picked this wine because Scott and Pam were coming to dinner and since there is a bear on the label with fire coming out of it’s mouth, it seemed appropriate. Scott has long years of adventures in the wilderness of Colorado in which things go wrong and he almost dies, almost taking my husband and children with him. A big bear with fire coming out of his mouth is something that Scott could very likely run into while out hiking at any time, given his good fortune and outdoor skills.

What Did The Label Want Us To Know?

Toasted Head’s name comes from the “age-old practice of toasting bottle heads with fire.” This gives their wine a “distinct toasty flavor.” This is their medium bodied cabernet and they use the words, blackberry, cassis, cloves and vanilla. It hails from the north coast of California.

What’s So Great About It?

Pam said it didn’t bite her, so she was happy because she likes her reds to be not tannic and easy to drink. Scott said it reminded him of a Pinot Noir almost. David likes more punch in a cabernet but thought it was just medium. I thought very smooth.

Fantasy This Wine Engendered?

Scott and David go on a camping trip and NOTHING happens. They do not almost DIE. This would be a true fantasy of mine.

Conversation This Wine Engendered?

Let’s go to Italy or California for a wine tour!

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The price of oil, bad.

By Mary Maynard

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