Something to Wine About

by Michael Douglas Bosc

Bon Nadal

Bon Nadal

This is not actually a story but more of an explanation.

This year has not been particularly good; it seemed that every time I had a visit lined up something got in the way - usually my health. However the reason for my missing writing about the new wines from El Masroig was because my sister was dying from cancer so I dropped everything and left for London.

I am planning to visit El Masroig later to catch up on things, then have a visit planned to Batea. However over the weekend we visited a Christmas Fair in Tivisa and I soon found myself in the wine square and have visited a small family celler which produces some smooth wines not to mention some really tasty olive oil.

When we were at the fira in Gabdessa I discovered a small D.O. tucked away at the top of the Monsant D.O. There is a lot of work ahead of me as I will be writing more about my discoveries.

So have a Merry Christmas and do try some CAVA this year; it is well worth it!


Michael Bosc

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