Red or White?

by Michael Douglas Bosc
(Catalunia Spain)

I was watching a program on tv and was interested to hear a famous chef state that the old adage "red with meat; white with fish" was not strictly correct. He stated that "you should drink the regional wines with regional foods. It does not matter whether it is red or white as it is related to the type of food eaten in the region. It does not matter whether it is white or red".

I found this a refreshing statement as I for one have been practicing this philosophy for many years. I have often wondered what the English would make of this rule, because if you read history books they only seem to mention red wine eaten with lots of meats - well the rich did. Plus I have not as yet, come across the mention of white wines in history books.

But I have come to the conclusion that the 'free thinking' wine lovers are already there. It's a little bit like buying wine in plastic 2-liter bottles, taking the empty one back and having it filled with the same delicious wine because you like it, nothing wrong with that, just plain country know how.

I suppose it is really a matter of taste. I took a relative to one of the local Cellers and bought some Grancha Dulce in said plastic bottle much to the suspicion of my visitor. However at the dinner table he realized that quality wine is quality wine whether bought in a glass bottle or direct from the celler in a plastic container.

I often wonder how the Wine Blender's make his/her selection of wines to produce the wide range of tastes that make up a Cellers 'wine-print'. What do they look for in a wine, how they define which white and red grapes to blend or will make the best single colour wines to complement the regional dishes.

With these questions in mind,I have set myself a quest. I who love wine, know what I do and don't like, am setting out to try and discover the answers. Over the next few months I shall be visiting new Cellers, tasting new wines in an attempt to broaden my knowledge and understand the processes more. I will be crossing the border into Aragon to try some of their wines and see what, if any, difference the soil conditions make.


Michae Bosc

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