Oak Grove Petite Sirah

by Mary Maynard
(Monument, CO)

Oak Grove Petite Sirah

Oak Grove Petite Sirah

What Possessed Us To Open Wine?

We were having BBQ, so this was a chance to actually drink a Petite Sirah and have it not overwhelm the food. Plus, I bought this wine because a wine rep in a liquor store told me he liked it and that it was CHEAP. I think I paid $6.99 !!! He told me he brings it to parties. I was intrigued.

What Did The Label Want Us To Know?

It’s from California and it says reserve. How can a wine be called a reserve if I just paid $6.99 for it? The winemaking staff sources grapes from “California’s cool coastal regions.” Descriptors used for smell: cherries, black pepper, spice. And for taste: blueberry, raspberry and spicy. They suggest drinking it was cheese, olives and fresh fruit.

What’s So Great About It?

We thought this was a softer Petite Sirah. It had the full dark color of most Petite Sirah’s but it tasted more medium. Soft oak on the nose. Blackberry. Smooth.

Someone Else’s More Qualified Opinion:

Conversation This Wine Engendered:

BBQ ribs are just hard to beat

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