Luna Di Luna Merlot/Cabernet

by Mary Maynard
(Monument, CO. USA)

What possessed us to open wine?

David was having drinks somewhere in Denver with fishing people who were here because of a fly fishing convention. How dare he be drinking and socializing without me. I can find my own wine.

What possessed us to open THIS wine?

Luna Di Luna had me at the bottle. Well just look at the picture!!! It is so whimsical and different than any other vineyard’s idea of what a wine bottle should be like. It is breaking the rules. Plus it is SO fun looking that even though I have no clue about its taste, I have to try it! It’s Italian and the bottle does look like it is going to spontaneously combust into gelato.

What’s so great about it?

Well, I can tell you right now that it has the endorsement of the liquor store owners. When I brought it up, the man, in broken English, let me know that he really likes this wine. I like these people, so I am already in a mood to like it. It was lighter than I usually prefer and pleasant to drink. Jess thought it burned her tongue at first, but then was tart and reminded her of grapefruit. She said it had a medium body and no long aftertaste.

Fantasy this wine engendered:

Just because everyone else puts wine in a certain type of bottle doesn’t mean that I have to. I could start my own vineyard and make the bottles really bizarre, or really cute or really not like everyone else’s. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I would like to break the wine rules and not be a snob. I don’t know the difference between buttery and smoky, well, I kind of do, but does that really matter? I can set up my own wine society of friends who drink wine of all prices (and lots of it under $10) and we can sit around and talk about deeper things than just bouquet and wood shavings!

Conversation this wine engendered:

Jess is forcing Nick (boyfriend) to go to Elitches (6 flags) with all the high school cheerleaders she coaches! Bless his heart!!

People who post bizarre things on Facebook.

Some kid was stabbed by another kid in our small community this week.

Cheer drama and homecoming plans.

What is concussion protocol...

Mary Maynard

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