Goats Do Roam Red

by Mary Maynard
(Monument, CO)

Goats Do Roam

Goats Do Roam

What Possessed Us To Open Wine?

David’s brother was visiting from Missouri and he doesn’t really like red wine, so we thought we should force him to try it and comment on it.

What Possessed Us To Open THIS Wine?

GOAT WEEK! This week is going to be Goat Week on the happyhourmary.com blog! Every post must feature something about Goats! Goats Do Roam was the obvious choice!

What’s So Great About it?

Paul, who doesn’t care for wine, said it did not taste like the rump of a goat nor like marinated goat nuts. (Really, he’s my brother-in-law and needs professional help) David said it is a light steady red, very drinkable with a good finish and no aftertaste. He said that goats are very reliable animals, you can count on goats and you can count on this wine! I, of course, loved it as much as I loved the cute goat on the label!!

Fantasy This Wine Engendered:

I own a goat! This goat is so cute, while not really cuddly, which is okay with me. The goat wears a cute bell around its neck. I milk the goat everyday and make my own goat cheese. I use the goat cheese in lasagna. (like I could keep a house plant alive!)

Conversation This Wine Engendered:

Paul wants to know if he can mix the wine with club soda. (boo)

Can people fish in Colorado in almost December?

There is nothing wrong with being reliable.

Whether you fish in the summer in Mexico or the winter in Colorado, fishing is still about finding fish!

By Mary Maynard

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