Gascon Malbec 2009

by Mary
(Monument, CO. USA)

2009 Gascon Malbec

2009 Gascon Malbec

What Possessed Us To Drink Wine?

Going out to dinner with old friends. I mean, we’ve been friends a long time. Not that they are old. Wait, actually, they are old. But so are we!

What Possessed Us To Drink THIS Wine?

This is the infamous couple that introduced us to Malbec, which has resulted in David’s addiction and obsession with the grape. So now I must force a Malbec back on them!

What’s So Great About It?

David LOVED the color, said it was almost the shade of motor oil. (He has been rebuilding his old VW Bug). Margie said it was fruitier than any other Malbec
she had tasted. Bruce said it was more sharp than some of the Malbecs he had tasted, and it finished nicely with good legs. Of course, David said it was “what Cabernet wishes it would be!”

Fantasy This Wine Engendered:

We read the magazine International Living. They do a feature on a vineyard in Argentina that is not only beautiful, but also for sale. Both Bruce and David would love to fish and make wine there. We win the lottery and the rest is History. My Rosetta Stone Spanish pays off.

Conversation This Wine Engendered:

Can you Google something on Bing?
The Nazis. So bizarre.
See the movie “Whatever Works” with Larry David, by Woody Allen
What it Twellow?

By Mary Maynard

Gascon Malbec 2009

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