French Wine Beef Stew

by Peggy Long
(Anthem, Arizona, USA)

I have been making this recipe for years . Its especially good with a fresh loaf of Sour Dough Bread to soak up all of the good juices.

1 Lb. stew beef, cubed
2 cloves fresh garlic
5 medium potatoes, peeled and cut in medium pieces
10 carrots, peeled and cut in about 1 inch pieces
2 green bell peppers, cut in about 1 inch pieces
4 pieces ( stalks ) celery, cut into 1 inch pieces
1 can of tomato soup
1 Quart of Tawny Port Wine

Roll beef cubes in flour and brown in oil in a stew pot. Add fresh garlic, run through a press. Take meat out.

Pour entire undiluted can of tomato soup into pot. Pour in 1 full soup can of wine and mix all thoroughly in pot, scraping up bits from the beef that had been sauteed. Under low heat mix for about 3 minutes.

Add beef back into the pot and stir around in the mixture. Add the prepared vegetables and stir again to blend ingredients. Add the the rest of the wine and stir. Simmer for at least 1 hour. The aroma is wonderful !

Note: I have tried this with other wines ( i.e. any of the Reds ) but the tawny port is the best.

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