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Southwest Wine Guide’s Free Wine Ratings and online wine reviews can be found on our Wine of the Month page. This is the perfect place to showcase your wine online! With keyword-rich and original content, our website is increasing in popularity and is being found by wine lovers from all over the world who want to know all about wine!

Each wine sample that we receive is reviewed personally and individually by us and is always honest and fair. We may also invite others to taste your wine, to get different tasting perspectives before we write our online wine reviews.

We write our own online wine reviews (good, bad or indifferent) based on our own personal tasting experience. Although we cannot guarantee that every wine sample will be reviewed, we make every effort possible to do so. We also cannot commit to review a wine for a particular month.

In addition to having your online wine review showcased on our website and blog, which is updated weekly, we are extremely active on social networking! With hundreds of followers on Twitter and an ever-increasing fan base on Facebook, we can get your wine in front of wine bloggers, wine writers, winemakers, foodies, wine marketers, wine aficionados and people just looking for basic wine information!

Our monthly free wine ratings and online wine reviews are an important part of wine marketing! We promote each Wine of the Month Review as part of our wine recommendations all month long, providing you with a steady stream of wine publicity opportunity.

When we review your wine, we will send you a link, or a copy of our review.

Wine Marketing Tips:

  • If you’re on Twitter, Facebook or any other social-media platform, we encourage you to promote your online wine review to further maximize your coverage.
  • If you have an email list of customers, send them a link to our free wine ratings and online wine review.
  • Include a link of the review on your own website.
  • We strongly encourage any marketing material or technical information you may have to accompany your sample.

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