by Michael Douglas Bosc

As you all know I write about the wines of Cataluña and am quite passionate about them as well. So when we attended the Falset Wine Fira earlier this year I was intrigued by one stand that said "sponsor a vine". So I made an appointment to visit and got rather more than I bargained for, but that is all in the blogs which are following.

I am having a little difficulty with this one because there is so much of interest and history here - Dan Brown drink your heart out - that to do this little Celler justice I am having to make three articles of it. So I have decided to start with the easiest one, the wines themselves and work backwards. It's different I know but hey that's wine. I hope you will enjoy reading these and remember where ever we go there is always a story, we know of at least 3 different ways to get somewhere sometimes even more and this first visit was no exception. Its my age and I'm sticking to that excuse, oh and the Divincci connection is in there......

Cheers Carol Bosc

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