Combining Wine Tasting With Food

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Although wine tasting is a great activity for wine lovers, not all people are given the chance to do it. However, we can still do wine tasting while dining at restaurants or any food place where you can order wine after eating. However, the food that you eat might be too strong or too tasty and you can no longer enjoy the wine after it. Here then are some tips that you need to learn to be able to enjoy wine with food.

The first thing that you should know is that there are dishes that can ruin your wine tasting experience. For example, dishes that have too much spice, vinegar, garlic and even raw fruits should be avoided. Those dishes have acidic content and can ruin your taste buds even before the actual tasting. When planning to taste white or sweet wine, avoid dishes with red meat. Sometimes, dishes with strong flavour have to be avoided and this includes fish, goat cheese and raw vegetables especially when you want to taste red wines. When you can’t resist these dishes, opt instead to sip a fruity Pinot or Gamay.

Opt instead to eat simple dishes if you want to enjoy wine tasting. Those dishes that have strong taste will already make use of your taste buds and by the time you take wine, you’ll not be able to enjoy its flavour. Old wines are great to the taste buds so you have to choose discreet dishes as its pair. Expert wine tasters often say that bitter dishes will actually enhance the dryness of a wine, so you should eating sweet dishes with wine. Salty dishes on the other hand will make wine taste sweeter.

There are many food pairings that you can look for in the internet. Remember that to enjoy wine with food; the right pairing is the key to both enjoy the dish and the wine after.

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