Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cabernet

by Mary Maynard
(Monument, CO)

Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cabernet

Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cabernet

What Possessed Us To Open Wine?

A fishing friend of David’s was coming up from Denver to learn how to chat on twitter on #fishchat.

I picked this wine because it is from the Columbia Valley, and David caught his biggest fish to date there, a 400lb sturgeon. Looks like a dinosaur. There was guaranteed to be a lot of chatter about fishing; even if no one else wanted wine, I certainly did!

What Did The Label Want Us To Know?

It’s a Washington wine. They like that this wine is both big and bold but soft around the edges bringing out delicate aromas and fruit complexity.

What Was So Great About It?

David thought it was oakey right from the beginning. He said it was bold just like he was when he was pulling in the big sturgeon. (needs professional help)

Tim said that he knows fish and not wine. I sat next to him and noticed he drank a bunch, though, so he must know something. I thought it was strong enough for me and that’s saying a lot.

Fantasy This Wine Engendered:

The Columbia Valley has great fishing. The Columbia Valley has great wine. We can plan a road trip where both husband and I will be completely happy. We can leave immediately.

Conversation This Wine Engendered:

How does one get put into Twitter Jail?
How and why to make wine
Meet at chats online

By: Mary Maynard

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