Arizona Treasures

by Peggy Long
(Anthem Arizona )

Inside the Arizona Inn

Inside the Arizona Inn

Destination - University of Arizona - Tucson - our fortune, for a private viewing of some of Ansel Adams Photography.

How lucky were we to have been invited for this viewing! That is itself one of Arizona's Treasures; our surprise though, was our stay at the Arizona Inn in Tucson, near the University.

We felt like we had travelled back in time to post territorial Arizona. A time when the culture of quietly reading in a formal library or languishing in a beautiful lounge for some excellent wine and food was a matter of the day.

The Inn itself had its start by Isabella Greenway, a friend of Eleanor Roosevelt and it came to be as a result of finding a home for a business she started in the early 1900's, The Arizona Hut Furniture Company. Many of the original pieces are still being used at the property today. It was July, typically hot, but I felt like Alice in Wonderland; every turn at the property brought me another surprise from the personal casitas,the croquet lawn, manicured gardens, but best of all the patios and quiet times to just sit, sip and enjoy a good glass of Merlot or my choice, Pinot Noir. I did add a refreshing serving of vichyssoise, which was also excellent. It was a trip back in time to an Inn I would highly recommend!

They also have private homes available on the property on a nightly basis, one of which was Isabella Greenway's personal residence. For anyone who has a desire to capture the feeling of early Arizona days, this is without a doubt one of our " Arizona Treasures ".

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