Amancaya Malbec/Cabernet

by Mary Maynard
(Monument, CO)

Amancaya Malbec/Cabernet

Amancaya Malbec/Cabernet

What Possessed Us To Open Wine?

We have friends. (surprised? Me too.) One couple brought us a bottle of Amancaya Malbec/Cabernet and forced us to drink it. We were apparently infected because we went out and bought a bottle for ourselves. Then we proceeded to have a different couple over for dinner and we decided to infect them. This is how epidemics start.

What Did The Label Want Us To Know?

There is an interesting factoid on the front label about native Indian women of Medoza using Amancaya, a flower of the Andes, to decorate their hair in the Spring. A Rothschild is involved some how. It’s 50% Malbec and 50% Cabernet. This might be the perfect mix for my husband and myself!

What’s So Great About It?

Well, obviously the first time we tasted it, we loved it and the first couple who brought it to our house had tasted it somewhere and they loved it. Pam said it was smooth. Everyone thought it was a little smoky, in a good way. David said it was great from start to finish and goes great with Jarlsberg Cheese. Scott said he thought he tasted a little like Venezuelan earth worm with cherry. We explained to him that it was from Argentina, not Venezuela. He thought they had migrated. He was kidding, not about the cherry.

Fantasy This Wine Engendered?

Life is 50/50. David does 50% of the housework and laundry. He also does 50% of the cooking. I get control of the remote at least 50% of the time. Wait. I have to make 50% of the money or take care of the dog 50% of the time. Or wash my car 50% of the time. I take it back!

Conversation This Wine Engendered?

What is a chest wall deformity?
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By Mary Maynard

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