A New Year

by Michael Douglas Bosc
(Cataluna, Spain)

Hello again people it is a long time since I was last here but spring is here and I have finally woke up - think I must be a papa bear.

Anyway I have been visiting Batea and the Falset Wine Fair - the articles are here - also the Rasquera Goat fair which is a traditional country fair but has several surprises in the wine section (this is the little town that was in the papers because it wanted to grow Marijuana for medical reasons.They make some really strong liqueurs and a few other little gems and surprises.

I am in the process of making appointments to visit Cellers so it looks like a busy time ahead with a return to El Masroig in there as well. They have brought out a new Rosé, but more of that later.

So I will now post the articles here on Southwest Wine Guide and on my blog and leave you to - I hope - enjoy them.

Michael Bosc

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