2 Brothers Cabernet

by Mary Maynard
(Monument, CO)

2 Brothers Cabernet

2 Brothers Cabernet

What Possessed Us To Open Wine?

We were serving Mexican Food. The wine was from Chile. The Wine Label sports a fleur de lys, which makes us think French. We were confused, but since old friends we hadn’t seen in a while were coming to dinner, who cares!

What Did The Label Want Us To Know?

The wine is called 2 Brothers. One of the two brothers is a wine exporter. One is a tattoo artist. They created 2 Brothers Winery in honor of their mother who passed away from cancer in 2000. 50 cents of every bottle sold is donated in her name to different charities that focus on breast cancer. OMGosh, a charitable reason to drink wine!!!

It also uses the words: rich currants, exotic mocha, elegant cedar, blackberries.

What’s So Great About It?

Let’s just get Sara out of the way first because she hates wine. I am only adding her comments because they were funny and to show that not everyone likes wine. They have emotional issues, granted, but just saying. She said it tasted dead, which she thinks all wine tastes like. She said it smells like someone left it out on the porch too long, like lighter fluid with a taste of gasoline. What’s wrong with some people? Can I really be friends with this person who hates all wine? Her opinion doesn’t count and has nothing whatsoever to do with this wine.

David said it was complex and bold right away. It reminded me of a non-sulfite wine I had tasted before. The smell hits you before you taste. I really liked it!!!! Sara needs to have a taste bud transplant.

Fantasy This Wine Engendered:

I could start a Winery with good intentions. I could experience the extreme pleasure of owning a winery and producing wine, making me very happy, COUPLED with actually doing good in the world. People could be helped because of my wine! (This is no fantasy apparently! The 2 Brothers,Alex and Eric, are making it happen!)

Conversation This Wine Engendered:

Have we actually talked about anything deep together since about 2008?

All teenagers should be put in a drug-induced coma and allowed to wake up at 25.

How they must take me with them to Disneyworld to stay at the Polynesian in March.

By Mary Maynard

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